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tv   News 4 at 6  NBC  January 6, 2010 6:00pm-7:00pm EST

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smoking restrictions in the past. we'll hear from him coming up on "news4 at 6." jim and wendy, back to you. >> we'll see you then. thank you, tom. coming up, gilbert arenas, suspended indefinitely by the nba. "news4 at 6" is next. a couple of important sports stories this evening. wizards star gilbert arenas suspended by david stern. and out at redskins park, the team formally introduced mike shanahan as the new head coach. good evening. i'm jim vance. >> i'm doreen gentzler. we want to go to redskins park where we have more on both of these big stories. hi, guys. >> hello. >> hi, jim and doreen. probably the only story that could trump what's going on out here today is gilbert arenas,
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suspended indefinitely by david stern. because of actions like this -- i want to show you this picture before last night's game against the philadelphia 76ers. you can see he's kind of miming the gun motion here. >> yeah. that's something that his teammates and the league certainly think that he should not have been doing. that along with the tweets. he doesn't seem to be taking the situation as seriously as those believe that he should. >> gilbert says that humor is the best way and the only way that he knows how to deal with this. he could be facing felony charges, punishable by five years in prison. right now he's suspended indefinitely from the team. he will have no contact with the team. he's going to be away from the facility. they tell me you're not going to be seeing gilbert arenas for quite some time. here's some quotes from david stern. he said, the possession of firearms by an nba player in an nba arena is of the utmost
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concern to us. he said, although it is clear that the actions of mr. arenas will ultimately result in a substantial suspension and perhaps worse, his ongoing conduct has led me to conclude that he is not currently fit to take the court in an nba game. the wizards followed that up by releasing this statement. we fully endorse the decision of the nba to indefinitely suspend gilbert arenas. gilbert's rece behavior and statements including his actions and statements last night in philadelphia are unacceptable. some of our other players appeared to find gilbert's behavior in philly amusing. this is also unacceptable. our organization never tolerated such behavior and we have no intention of ever doing so. this is gilbert after the game to comcast sports net. [ inaudible ] >> i mean, stern is -- is mean.
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but -- >> you fear david stern more than you would the authorities? >> yes, because i think he might make his decision before, you know -- >> have you heard any indication that he might make his ruling pretty soon? >> i don't know. all i can do is play. >> i think now gilbert arenas understands the magnitude of this. >> last night he was with the team. they flew from philadelphia to cleveland, but today he left them. you just talked to the wizards. can he step foot in verizon center? >> he will not be in the facility in the near future. he will be absolutely separated from the team. they don't want his attitude to permeate the rest of the roster. he's absolute distraction at this point. >> it becomes a problem with chemistry. it will be interesting to see if this team can do better with that away. certainly this is the opportunity and they'll find that out very quickly. >> we will wait and see. hopefully for gilbert's sake, he gets this worked out.
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moving on to the reason we are out here at redskins park. mike shanahan introduced as the new coach of the washington redskins. the seventh head coach in 11 years. buttoned up, he was looking like a five-star general up there today. here you see bruce allen, mike shanahan, dan snyder walking out at the beginning of the press conference. >> quick question i asked dan snyder if he had had a chance to sleep and he said not a wink. >> i tell you, i think dan snyder is very excited. and i also think that dan snyder is going to take a step back in terms of control with mike shanahan because, you know, in denver they called him the mastermind. >> yeah. he was sitting there in the front row with the family instead of sitting up there on the podium. that was a nice change of pace. >> here is mike shanahan on some of today's festivities. >> i'm excited and honored to be the head coach of the washington redskins. you take a look at history, you take a look at the hall of fame,
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the great coaches, the great players. what an honor it is to be the head coach of this franchise. a very, very special place. super bowls, world championships. it's what you'd call a franchise that has a great history. >> it's so satisfying because of the person we were able to get. to get a person who's already qualified to be in the hall of fame, to want to come here with his energy and -- and his passion, it's quite exciting. not only for us, but for all redskin fans. >> and there's bruce allen, the general manager of the washington redskins. you know, i found perhaps most interesting is that he said joe gibbs and marty schottenheimer recommended that he come here. joe gibbs obviously. marty schottenheimer, interesting. >> it's interesting to hear how someone that's a head coaching candidate does their homework. i found that neat. it's funny, too. i introduced myself to him again, and he said -- he invented victory mondays.
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i felt like an idiot, like i was the only person that did that. i think he's telling the truth. i thought that was interesting. >> slivictory mondays, when the guys get the day off after a win. they're hoping to see a lot of victory mondays. we'll hear from the owner, dan snyder. i talked with mike shanahan after the press conference. we'll see you in a few minutes. >> we'd like to enjoy victory mondays, too. they're fun. >> amen! >> thanks, guys. there is an awful lot of news for d.c. sports fans to take in this evening. now we go to craig melvin. he is outside the verizon center with more on how fans are reacting to the gilbert arenas suspension. craig? >> good evening, doreen. today is gilbert arenas' 28th birthday. nothing to celebrate, though. as was mentioned by dan and lindsay, the nba suspending arenas indefinitely. he's possibly facing some
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handgun charges. he could face up to five years in prison. those are felony gun charges that he could be facing. david stern acting today. most fans that we talked to had not heard about the indefinite suspension. of course, they knew about the ongoing controversy. they knew that arenas had admitted to taking the guns inside the arena, but most of the folks we talked to said that the decision was absolutely justified. >> i just keep thinking about the money. here's a man with $110 million and he doesn't have better sense than that. it's a shame. it's kind of sad. >> perhaps it's a little harsh, but he should have been punished, yeah. yeah. i mean, if he's going to be a role model in the city, in washington, d.c., in the nation's capital, he's got to act responsibly and show youth what responsible action is. >> i figured the nba was going to do someing like that because, you know, if you look at david stern and the rest of
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the suspensions and, you know, trying to set an example, you just can't have guns, whether they're loaded or not, in an arena, you know? >> we should note that guns inside an arena being possessed by a player is against league policy. we should also note that the indefinite suspension is going to cost gilbert arenas a lot of money. in the short-term and perhaps the long-term. in the short-term, $147,000 per game. that's what he's going it be missing out on. he also could miss out on some future endorsements and sponsorships. arenas has a $50 million deal with adidas. we'll have more reaction tonight at 11:00. until then, craig melvin. back to you guys. >> a very expensive mistake. we've just gotten a statement from gilbert arenas. it reads, i feel very badly that my actions have caused the nba to suspend me, but i understand why the league took this action. a statement from gilbert arenas. coming up later in the
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newscast, we'll talk with david aldridge about the arenas suspension. the man arrested and charged in a shooting last year at the u.s. holocaust museum has died. james von brunn is his name. he died this afternoon in north carolina. he had been awaiting trial for the murder of security guard stephen johns back on june 10th. von brunn was shot himself during that attack by other guards, but his lawyer says that he died of natural causes. police describe von brunns a white supremacist. prior to the shooting, von brunn wrote racist and anti-semitic remarks on the internet. he was 89 years old. one of the guardsoon de s on dua statement. he said i am glad that he's gone. i hope that now we can move on. officials say their thoughts and prayers continue to be with
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officer johns' family. the mayor of baltimore has resigned tonight. sheila dixon agreed to quit as part of a deal with prosecutors. she was convicted of mi misappropriang gift cards. the resignation takes effect february 4th. had she not stepped aside, dixon could have been thrown out of office. she became emotional today. she talked about her staff who stood by her. >> and i'm sad not because of the -- the decision i made, but because i have a great staff who worked hard. and i love them. i love the city. and i love the people of this city. >> the president of the baltimore city council, stephanie blake, will replace dixon. a big political shake-up on the way. today, two senate democrats announced they will not seek
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reelection in november. the retirement of chris dodd of connecticut and byron dorgan of north dakota could spell some trouble for president obama and the democratic party. steve handelsman is on capitol hill now with more on all this. steve? >> jim, thanks. we've just heard from dorgan. he says he could have won. he's always won, but he doesn't want to run anymore. he wants to do something else. so the big question is, will these senate seats stay democratic? as these two senior republicans today -- or democrats call it quits. the surprise was byron dorgan, a three-term democratic senator from conservative north dakota. dorgan's senate seat is considered to go to the gop, meaning democrats could lose their 60-vote supermajority and the power to call votes when they want. bad news for barack obama. >> if he didn't have 60 votes, he wouldn't have gotten health care through the senate on christmas eve.
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that is a significant weakening of his hand if he drops below that 60. >> reporter: five-term democrat chris dodd retires after losing his sister and his friend, ted kennedy. fighting cancer and declining popularity in connecticut. >> together these challenges have given me pause to take stock and to ask questions that too few of us in elected public life ever do. why am i running? >> reporter: stepping in to run for dodd's seat is richard blumenthal. >> privately, a lot of democrats in washington and connecticut said that, you know, if blumenthal is in this race, we'll hold this seat. if dodd is in, we'll lose this seat. so it's a good news for them. >> reporter: and democrats deny they're in trouble nationwide. >> there's retirements on both sides of the aisle. in the senate, it will be the same in the house. >> reporter: republicans see an opening, and they're thanking team obama. >> the administration, along with the leadership in the house and the senate, have put the membership in some peril here. now, can we capitalize on it?
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that is my job, and that is my goal. >> reporter: politics 2010, two big-name democrats out of the fight. dorgan and dodd say they will finish out their senate terms that end about a year from now. that means democrats will keep their so-called supermajority of 60 votes that could block any republican filibuster in the budget votes and health care vote that will happen this year. i'm steve handelsman, news4. back to you. >> thank you, steve. coming up on our broadcast this evening, we'll hear from the attorney of a man accused of being the third white house party crasher. we continue our coverage of the suspension of gilbert arenas. dry and cold tonight. but tomorrow night, a burst of snow will come through here. i'll tell you how much you can expect when "news4 at 6"
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a nigerian man was indicted today by a federal grand jury on charges that he tried to blow up a christmas-day flight over detroit. the president will be talking about the terror attempt again tomorrow as his national security team releases a report on what went wrong. brian mooar has the latest from capitol hill. >> reporter: umar farouk abdulmutallab, indicted today on half a dozen criminal counts including attempted murder for the christmas-day attem to bomb flight 253 over detroit. the charges come a day before the obama administration is promising its initial report on the security gaps that led up to that brush with terror. >> it wasn't the falng down of one agency, department, or person. this, as the president has described, was a systemic failure. >> reporter: the administration is under iense pressure to find and fix the weak points. technical, bureaucratic and human. >> we should not allow incompetent people to be working
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here, whatever the job is. >> reporter: new jersey's u.s. senators vented outrage over sunday's stunning security breach at newark's liberty airport. a man strolled through an unguarded security exit as a tsa guard chatted on a cell phone. >> shockingly, the primary video system at this terminal was not functioning on the day of the breach. heads should roll. >> reporter: they're demanding accountability as well as short and long-term security changes, which the tsa today promised are already in motion. brian moore, nbc news, washington. >> lawmakers from both parties are demanding action. republicans want to see someone fired. the news that the bomber may have been trained in yemen has led to a crackdown on al qaeda there in the country. today, yemen's foreign minister made it clear that he welcomes the united states into the fight. yemen is seeking indirect
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support, such as intelligence, financial aid, and equipment. especially helicopters. also today, security officials in yemen annoued the arrest of three lower-ranking al qaeda members. allegedly, they were involved in a plot to attack western embassies. the u.s. embassy reopened yesterday after that plot was disrupted. it appears that at least two of the seven cia workers killed in afghanistan last week were private contractors. they worked for the security company formerly known as blackwater. an obituary says that one was a former navy s.e.a.l. the other man was a contractor for that company. new information about a third person whose's alleged to have been an uninvited guest at
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the state dinner at the white house. carlos allen claims he is not a party crasher like the salahis. he said he had an actual invitation. he was cleared by secret service at a hotel near the white house and rode to the event with the delegation from india. >> during those conversations, he had an invitation, they had vitations and they were being transported by the secret service. he cleared security at the hotel. they cleared him and put him on a bus with other indian business leaders who had identical or apparently similar invitations and delivered him to the white house. that doesn't sound like a carlos allen problem. >> allen's attorney says he's been interviewed by the secret service twice in recent weeks. coming up in the broadcast tonight, we'll tell you about new security measures in place at the vatican after a woman lunged at the pope during a mass last month. and veronica will be in with a check on our weather forecast.
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seemed a little -- just a tiny bit warmer out there today. was it just my imagination? >> this was the warmest it's been, doreen, in nine days. your body was feeling it. a little bit of sunshine we had today and we'll have sunshine tomorrow morning. but not for friday morning. we are talking about that storm that will be bringing us some snow. it's going to be a quick storm.
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not a big storm. but of nuisance for driving friday morning. out there right now, we have mostly clear skies. temperatures in the mid-30s. but we did get up to 39 degrees today. again, it was the first time that we've gotten up to 39 in nine days. this is also the fifth consecutive breezy day for us. so where are we right now? there is still a bit of wind out there. it's out of the west-northwest right now between 5 and 15 miles per hour. and temperatures are currently in the 30s. this morning we started out at 29 degrees. buffalo at 19. a lot more cold air is going to be moving in. the next arctic wave already showing up. look at minneapolis and dallas. it was 19 this morning in atlanta. and even jacksonville, florida, down to 21 degrees this morning. there will be another hard freeze coming up this weekend for areas of the deep south. so the citrus crops could be in
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danger. south florida and around -- or central florida and south texas. temperatures now below freezing. wichita, st. louis, missouri at 17 degrees. it's right here in chicago that our storm system is organizing with low pressure hanging south there, down around southwestern missouri. the white, the snow. it's just about ready to snow in chicago. that's the area through here, around chicago, where winter storm warnings have been posted. those are the locations, all through here, up into areas of the high plains that could see four to eight inches of snow. over a foot in many locations here. not so much. only about a half to maybe two inches. there's the low pressure now. again, a quick burst of snow for thursday night. the first flakes will show up on is radar i think tomorrow about 6:00 or so from cumberland, winchester toward harrisonburg. by 8:00 or 9:00, we'll see that snow here. the bulk of it comes from about 9:00 p.m. tomorrow until about 6:00 a.m. friday.
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so a burst it will be. it will be dry for at least the next 12 hours. so there's a look at your future cast. some clouds move in on us late in the day. there's the snow west. the white, the low-pressure system is right over us by friday morning. and then it quickly moves out. and then it's going to be some wind behind this storm. another cold, cold weekend for us. so there it is friday. all those locations, new york city through d.c., down to the south, raleigh. a half to two inches with two to four in pittsburgh. so the forecast here, some light winds. for us, temperatures drop to the low 30s. by tomorrow morning, a little bit of a light wind. it's definitely going to be cold. 20 to 25 degrees. it will be the one day that we get a break from the wind. breezy conditions, 34 to 39. there's the clouds.
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it's snow again developing. light snow. late tomorrow evening. 28 to 33 for tomorrow evening. so we'll go from a high of 36 tomorrow, get that snow thursday night, pulls out about 6:00 a.m. friday morning. could be slippery conditions for describing around, getting to work friday morning. and then the weekend, just as cold if not colder as what last weekend was. if you were out last weekend, you know it was nasty. maybe five, ten minutes outside and that's it. >> do we imagine the possibility of enough to effect school on friday morning? >> no. friday morning we'll probably see delays, but i can't see any cancellations. not locally. >> okay. thanks, veronica. coming up in our broadcast tonight, we're continuing to follow two big sports stories this evening. gilbert arenas suspended indefinitely by the nba. the redskins introduced mike shanahan at a news conference
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today. we'll tell you about a security exercise during which live explosives were put into an air passenger's luggage without that passenger knowing about it. two boats collided in waters near antarctica during a battle over whaling.
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a look now at our top story tonight, the suspension of gilbert arenas. >> he has been suspended indefinitely without pay after arenas was accused of bringing guns into the locker room.
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nba commissioner david stern says arenas isn't fit to take the court because of his behavior. tonight arenas said that he showed terrible adjustment. he also apologized for his actions. for more on what this is going to mean for arenas and the team, we go to nba tv analyst david aldridge who joins us over the phone. for those of us who aren't big sports fans or who don't follow all the nba action around the country, put this into context if you would. this is a pretty severe punishment, isn't it? david? >> to me knowledge, doreen, the nba has never taken a proactive action like this. usually they always, always wait for an investigation to conclude if there's a legal investigation or a police investigation into one of their players. almost always, they wait for that to end. but i think the combination of -- of gilbert's seeming lack
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of remorse, frankly, with the twittering he's been doing all weekend, with the thing he did last night in philadelphia, which doesn't make any sense at all, and then his comments after the game, it didn't seem like he understood he serious this was. i think now he does. >> david, that's a good question, i think. do you think that gilbert really gets it now? up until now, he seemed to be taking this thing kind of almost as a joke. wouldn't you say? >> jim, i would say that exactly. he did not seem to understand that, number one, he violated the laws of the district of columbia. number two, he violated the constitution of the nba. those are -- you know, that's a double-whammy as far as i can see. he doesn't seem to understand that this is a very serious issue and that there are serious consequences to that issue. i mean, you know, it's not likely, i don't think, that he
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would do jail time, but it is a possibility. i mean, we're talking about, you know, lawyers here and people that -- that can put you in prison. and then he comes to the nba and david stern is very, very adamant about the image of the league and he does not want the image of the league to take a beating like thi sort of thing does to the league. and he's very much -- he's very sensitive to that. as you can see what he said today, i mean, this isn't over for gilbert. this is just indefinite until the court system is done and then once that' done, we could be looking at weeks, months, perhaps the whole season, perhaps longer. >> i want to ask you about what's most important, i guess, to wizards fans here in d.c. what does this do to the team? can they trade him? is he toast? what's up now as it regards the wizards? >> they can't trade him. there's a number of reasons why. he is as untradable as any player that's ever been in the
6:33 pm
nba at this moment. he's not going to be there. i would suspect that randy foye will be the starting point guard for the team in the foreseeable future. they have two pretty decent players to step in. but, you know, gilbert is a dynamic player. i think if you watched the game last night, i mean, he had 14 assists, i think, and had some very big steals late in the fourth quarter. he's a difference-maker. when you don't have your difference-maker, they suffer. we saw this team last year without him in 19 games. that tells you everything that you need to know. >> doesn't look good for him or for the team. >> no. not right now anyway. >> david alaldridge. we appreciate it. >> stay with news4 and for the latest on arenas and his suspension. our other big story, after a rough few years, a lot of people feeling optimistic about the skins.
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today, the team held a news consference. they foally introduced mike shanahan has the new head coach. some of those who bleed burgundy and gold think that shanahan might be the man to restore the once proud football tradition in this city. chris gordon has our report. >> ladies and gentlemen, i want to introduce you to our new head coach. >> reporter: fans watched mike shanahan and listened as he shared his views on the team's future. >> i think it's going to be a positive change. i mean, the guy is a proven winner. two super bowls under his belt. i think it's great for washington. >> do you think mike shanahan can do it without a john elway or an elite quarterback? >> i think he can. he's always had a good running game in denver. he's always worked through the draft. i think we can get something started. we can start building from where we are. >> you think they'll go deep in the plaintiffs, to the super bowl? >> next season maybe not, but the following season, yes.
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>> reporter: crystal city sports pub has the history of the redskins on display on every wall. from sonny jurgensen to the late sean taylor. business at local sports restaurants rise and fall with the redskins. winning is the bottom line. >> we need the redskins to do well. we want them to do well. shanahan should make a big difference. he'sciplinariadisciplinarian. he doesn't take bs. him and bruce allen will provide a great new decade of winning for us. >> reporter: ben folsom is the founder and editor of the redskins fan website. his headline, the redskins got their football guy. >> i think it signals that the owner is nifinally ready to all football people to build a team the right way. he went out and got himself a real general manager with real experience and a coach that's won super bowls. >> reporter: chris gordon, news4, washington. >> lindsay and dan will have more on what the players think
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of the new head coach coming up in the sports broadcast. in the district, it's getting harder to findlaces to smoke cigarettes. the d.c. council this week gave approval to a bill that would reduce smoking on public sidewalks. tom sherwood is here with the story. >> the bill would let private companies put up no-smoking signs on sidewalks next to their buildings. it would discourage but not yet ban sidewalk smoking. >> are you guys excited about the ground-headacbreaking? yes. >> reporter: mayor fenty told news4 at his school ground-breaking that he's still reviewing the new sidewalk restrictions. >> i felt when we drafted the smoking law that we had struck the right balance. >> reporter: even on the coldest days, smokers endure it to light up outside. >> the idea is to try to get people to, again, reduce smoking. >> reporter: the d.c. council this week gave preliminary approval to a bill that would restrict smoking on public sidewalks.
6:37 pm
it would give any adjacent property owner the right to post no-smoking signs at their building entrances or along their property lines, but it wouldn't be a ban. >> these signs have actually no enforceability because unless you're on someone's property, the property owner can't say to a person who's smoking on a public way that they may not do that. we'd have to pass a law to provide for penalties. >> reporter: the latest restriction in the district is being welcomed by many, if not all. >> i'm a cancer survivor. secondhand smoke is a major factor in getting cancer. >> personally i don't think smoking is a good thing. it makes you sick and kills you. but for adult whose are outside, i don't see -- at some point you have to let people live their liv lives. >> reporter: even some smokers like the restrictions. >> it forces people to stop smoking. i'm a smok, but it's healthy for you. i agree. >> smoking is a horrible,
6:38 pm
horrible thing. the city also needs to do all it can to help smokers quit. jim, back to you. >> tom sherwood, thank you. a former maryland lawmaker is challenging governor martin o'malley for his job. george owings announced his run for the democratic nomination today. he had served in the house of delegates for 16 years and as secretary of veterans affairs under the ehrlich administration. he's unhappy with the way the current governor has handled the budget and he wants to offer voters an alternative. >> times demand strong leadership, courage, common sense and a bipartisanship that will enable us to meet the challenges of the future with boldness, with civility and with dedication. >> owings says he will announce a running mate next week. coming up on "news4 at 6," a battle over whaling led to the collision of two boats in frigid
6:39 pm
waters off antarctica today. a security test during which officials knowingly planted explosives in an airline passenger's luggage. pope benedict celebrated mass with new security measures today.
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>>it will be a cold night and a mostly clear night. so a fair amount of sunshine to start the day tomorrow, but by this time tomorrow, i do think we'll have light snow showing up on our doppler. it is dry through the area. and we're down below freezing. so many neighborhoods right now
6:42 pm
from frederick up north, quantico just above freezing. fax river at 34 degrees. annapolis at 35. tonight, it will be dropping into the low to mid-20s through the area. again, it's going to be a cold start, pretty light winds around. the kidst the bus stop still have to bundle up even though we won't have windy conditions. sun is up tomorrow at 7:27. we'll start out between 22 and 25 degrees. the high tomorrow, close to what it was today. we should get up to about 36 to 38 degrees tomorrow. then i think it's after 6:00, 7:00 that we'll see that snow make its w from the western counties here. the bulk of it, 9:00 p.m. one till 6:00 a.m. friday. >> okay. thank you, veronica. a battle over whaling took a dangerous turn in the frigid ant arctic ocean. a group had its bow sheered off and was taking on water after
6:43 pm
colliding with a japanese whaling ship. the crew members were transferred to another vessel named the bob barker aer the game show host who donated $5 million for the group to buy it. the group accuses the whaling ship of deliberately ramming it. the whalers say the conservation ship hit them. these two groups have had several encounters in recent years, but this is the most serious one yet. a slovakian immigration official offered to resign today after an airport security test ended with explosives being loaded on a flight. officials admitted that it was a mistake. officials in slovakia attached two explosives on to the outside of a passenger's bag without that passenger knowing what was going on. bomb-sniffing dogs detected one of the explosives, and it was removed. but the police officer in charge failed to remove the second one, which was undetected by the dog.
6:44 pm
apparently because the dog was so busy. that allowed a plastic explosive to end up on a flight to dublin. officials in ireland are furious. slovakian officials say there was no real danger because the explosive had no detonator. the vatican says they have new security measures in place for the pope after a security scare last month. on christmas eve, a woman lunged toward the pope. the woman is from switzerland. she has a history of mental health issue. she grabbed the pope's ventments, pulling him down to the floor. the basilica's main aisle was widen widened widened. dan and lindsay, lots going on out there. >> hey, guys. mike shanahan introduced today. i asked him specifically about clinton portis. lindsay goes one-on-one with dan snyder. and, of course, gilbert arenas makes a statement. we will also hear from wizards
6:45 pm
head coach flip saunders on gilbert's indefinite suspension.
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you know, this is the kind of day that you want to be a sports journalist. that's where all the news is. >> yeah. >> what's up out there? >> yeah, it's -- it's kind of crazy that these two things happen on exactly the same day. i feel like we've said it 100 times. gilbert arenas, possibly the biggest star in town in terms of sports. he has been suspended by the nba. he could be facing felony gun charges in d.c. for possession
6:48 pm
of several handguns without a license. the wizards said they wanted to take this action for quite some time, but they were waiting for the nba because the nba said, hold off. let's wait for the legal process. >> and gilbert is going to lose a lot of money in this process. it's somewhere around $147,000 per game that he misses. we have no idea how long he'll be away. >> that's going to be an unpaid suspension. gilbert released this statement that i would like to read part of it to you. while i never intended any harm or disrespect to the nba or anyone else, my gun possession at the verizon center and my attempts at humor showed terrible judgment. i take full responsibility for my conduct. earlier today, i called commissioner david stern to apologize and i hope we will be able to talk soon. i look forward to the day i can return to basketball. meantime, i will focus on dealing responsibly with this serious situation and i will continue to cooperate with the investigations by law enforcement authorities. the wizards released this
6:49 pm
statement. we fully endorse the decision by the nba to indefinitely suspend gilbert arenas. strictly legal issues aside, gilbert's recent behavior and statements including his actions and statements in philadelphia simply unacceptable. some of our other players appeared to find gilbert's behavior in philly amusing. this is also unacceptable. our organization never tolerated such behavior and we have no intention of doing so now. the team is in cleveland to take on the cavaliers. flip saunders had this to say about gilbert arenas' suspension. >> we came out with a statement and we abide by that statement. as a team and a coach, we can't worry about that right now. we have to worry about going out and performing with the players we have. >> i can't imagine the distraction that has been going on in the locker room. they have a lot of clowns on the team. a lot of young players.
6:50 pm
but maybe some guys breathing a sigh of release. >> i'm going to say this, too. i think that team has enough leaders that maybe -- this might be gut-check time for them to do what they can to bring this team together. this may be the difference that starts to turn their season around. >> addition by subtraction. we hope it works out well for gilbert. we like gilbert. his personality when he chooses to talk. >> and his teammates do as well. we are out here today because the redskins have a new head coach. the seventh in 11 years under dan snyder. it's safe to say the general has arrived. mike shanahan, when asked if he was going to be the final decision-maker in all things redskins, he said, well, i think you could say that if you wanted to or maybe you could say that. we'll work together. well, translation, all things run through shanahan. they call him the mastermind in denver. >> yeah, they do. when they walked in, dan snyder sat with the journalists and with the family members in the
6:51 pm
front row whereas bruce allen as well as shanahan were up at the podium. there's a guidivide right now ae can see. >> yeah. he's obviously veryomfortable with dan snyder. >> dan and i have been friends for a long time. as i said before, i just admire the passion that he has for this organization. a lot of guys have passion, but they're not willing to commit to give you everything possible to be successful. he's willing to do that. you know, a guy like joe gibbs, when youit down and say, hey, this guy -- every time that i needed something, he would give it to you. that's enough for me. >> i second bow about clinton portis and you talk about how important the work ethic was in the offseason. not exactly a strong point for clinton since he's been in washington. is that something you were aware of? >> well, to be honest with you, i really wasn't aware. last year, i knew he had a great year. at least got -- he's on pace to
6:52 pm
get 2,000 yards, maybe the mvp of the league. as anybody gets older, it's not just a running back, it's anybody. you've got to make a commitment in the offseason to have a great year, especially at the running back position, because all the wear and tear on your body. so regardless, it's just not clinton portis. it's the washington redskins that from an offensive, defensive, and special teams position, we have to have guys committed. we've got to get better every day. the teams tt get better every day have a chance to do something special. >> are we going to see a quarterback drafted in the first round this year? >> you know, it's -- we'll take some time to figure out, you know, where we're headed. you know, as a team. take a look at offensive line, you take a look at the defensive line, you look at the secondary. we will find the best guy possible to help our football team win. is it going to be a quarterback, offensive line? i haven't even studied the draft yet and i haven't evaluated our players, but i'm sure that will be the talk. >> so some excitement out here and some trepidation on the
6:53 pm
coach's behalf. there's a meeting tomorrow that shanahan will have with the current coaching staff. >> some players are lobbying for their coaches, but the decision now doesn't really all go through dan snyder. he snyder is go thankful to have the guy now in mike shanahan who he thinks can change this franchise. >> it's been exciting. it's fantastic. >> how satisfying is it for you, dan, to finally get this deal done? you've been talking for several months. >> i think that the big thing is when we got mike in here on monday and really getting to spend time together and sit down and work things out was really a lot of fun. we're just thrilled to get it going. >> what have you seen from him so far, just, you know, being here with him in person that has really impressed you even more? >> he excuses leadership. he is someone that -- that is a real leader of men. i think for our franchise, with his discipline, his nts
6:54 pm
understanding of the game, i think it's perfect. >> everybody that works with you, that has worked with you knows how badly you want to win. how difficult is it for you then to -- to give up some of that involvement, turn it over to bruce allen, to mike shanahan, for the better of the organization? >> it's been great. i mean, i'm really looking forward to the foundation that they're building. it's exciting for me. it's actually exciting. >> it's got to be tough, though, in a sense, isn't it? >> no, no. when you've got great people, let them go do their thing. let's win. >> you said that before. so really, how do -- you've said before that maybe you weren't as involved as people had perceived. what do you mean by that? >> i think that there's a lot of that out there. the fact is, you ow, to have bruce, to have mike, is just going to be spectacular for us. >> i heard in there the thought process that shanahan may want to consider going away for camp. he said if he was able to do that, that would be a possibility. is that something that you would help him pull off?
6:55 pm
>> sure. we've looked at it from time to time. it's just hard to get the right place. if they can finit, if bruce can find it and mike, that would be great. >> clinton portis, i want to ask about this. clinton is a player that a lot of people perceive as very close to you as well. he said some things about jason campbell just being the -- questioning his leadership. what are your thoughts on that? what can you add to that scenario? >> you really need to talk to mike and bruce. they'll -- it's up to them. >> anything else you want to add, dan? this is an exciting day. >> it's our first victory in 2010. >> and dan snyder, obviously, hopes for many more. he doesn't want to talk about the portis situation. >> i don't think too many people did in the management today. interesting story, though. you said there are players who have tried to lobby for their position coaches and they're not talking to dan snyder anymore. >> he's pushing them in the direction of bruce allen. that's very interesting and telling, guys. we talked about this yesterday.
6:56 pm
the control shifts. >> changes are on the way here at redskins park. >> let's hope so. thanks, guys.
6:57 pm
6:58 pm
the latest powerball winner won the jackpot by accident. ain't that something? his name is rob anderson. he and his wife are auto workers at the toyota plant in kentucky. today they claimed the prize of more than $128 million. here's how it happened. rob anderson was out on christmas eve buying lottery tickets as stocking stuffers. he meant to buy three tickets for a dollar apiece. instead, the clerk printed a single ticket with three sets of
6:59 pm
numbers. anderson decided to keep that one and buy three more tickets to give away. well, the morning after the drawing, he and his wife had a moment just about every lottery player on earth dreams about. >> well, when he was, you know, saying the numbers i was drinking my coffee and i was like, we probably h seven dollars. then he kept going. i'm like, well, maybe we got 200,000. then he handed me the ticket and i said, oh, god. i said, check the date, check the date. that's when we proceeded to call my dado look at the paper and make sure we had everything correct because we didn't want to look like idiots. >> we've thrown up a couple times. >> they have not decided whether to return to work. yeah right. both of them would like to go back to school. rob anderson wants to major in finance. that's a good idea. he says his wife


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